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Wavekarting® Xplore

Wavekarting® Xplore Trio: 3 people/kart : €60/pers
Wavekarting® Xplore Duo: 2 people/kart : €70/pers
Wavekarting® Xplore Solo: 1 person/kart : €140/pers
1h30′ activity with 1h navigation

Wavekarting® Xplore for Kids

On Sunday children (until 14 years of age) always sail for €50 if accompanied by a paying adult!

Wavekarting® Deluxe

Wavekarting® Deluxe Trio: 3 people/kart : €80/pers
Wavekarting® Deluxe Duo: 2 people/kart : €90/pers
Wavekarting® Deluxe Solo: 1 person/kart : €160/pers
1h + 20′ extra navigating with a glass of champagne

Wavekarting® GPS

Wavekarting® GPS: 3 people/kart: €125/pers
Wavekarting® GPS: 2 people/kart: €150/pers

3h activity with 1h20′ of navigation + champagne

Group arrangements

To request a customised group offer please e-mail: groups@wavekarting.com

Gift voucher

Give somebody an unforgettable experience as a present! The ideal gift for your partner, your kids … or for a business gift, for a birthday, Father’s Day, a public holiday… or just for the fun of it!

  • Gift voucher €40 (for kids -14 years) (1 child on a wavekart with at least one adult)
  • Gift voucher €50 (one person based on at least 2 paying adults)
  • Gift voucher €60 (one person based on at least 1 paying adult)


These prices for individuals include 21% VAT.

IMPORTANT! For companies, we use a different pricing.
Contact us for more info