If chartering without skipper you need to be in possession of a valid boat permit and give us a copy at checkin. A quick test will be done at the harbour before you can leave on your own as to make certain of everyone’s safety. All legal equipment is available on the boat.

Only after payment of a deposit of  25% of the rental fee your reservation is taken into account. If on the date of rental the weather does not permit safe boating, we will contact the renter to find another available date. If no date can be found half of the deposit is given back to customer. After 3 postponed dates the rental is canceled and Knokke Boat Rental keeps the deposit.

Full payment of the rental fee and a €5000 deposit is due before starting, by credit card or prove of payment on our bank account (IBAN: BE67 3631 3111 9687

BIC: BBRU BE BB). The cost of fuel will be paid upon return to port. The €5000 deposit will be blocked until the state of the boat has been verified by a crew member of Knokke Boat Rental.