Get practical experience on inland waters and at sea!

Are you a beginner on the water? Or do you already have experience, but can you still use some extra exercise? Good news, Knokke Boat organizes tailor-made sailing lessons this season!

Safety and quality first
The choice for a recognized and professional sailing school is a choice that you should make primarily for safety reasons. Knokke Boat provides professional support from the start. You will be safely and expertly introduced to the principles of motor boating by our certified instructors. Our standard school boat is a ‘RIB’ or Rigid Inflatable Boat. Strong, agile and sensitive to wind and currents.

For each his own
There are several modules available. We deliberately opt for private lessons, or small groups, so that you are at the helm as much as possible, with an excellent price-quality ratio. Personalized courses can be arranged on request.

A selection from the offer

Day course ‘Basic Steering’
This is the minimum requirement for it
filling in the service book, needed to
your legally recognized Pilot Certificate
to become.
> Technology and maintenance
> Safety on board
> Screw and stirring effect
> Basic nodes and their use
> Rope management
> Boat and sailing habituation
> Mooring
> Fast shipping
> Man overboard
> …
€ 195pp (VAT and lunch included)

Day training 'Harbor maneuvers'

In addition to the basic training can
you learn how to boat without chunks
maneuvers in his port box.
Using your own motorboat,
is possible.
> Safety, short and long briefing
> Turning in a limited space
> Sailing backwards
> Mooring, taking into account
the wind and the power of the
flow, on higher or lower bank
> Mooring at anchor
> Moor backwards in a box
> Boat purchases with electricity
and against current
> …
€ 295pp (VAT and lunch included)

Other courses

In addition, we provide many other training courses, such as:
> Maneuvering for advanced (preferably with own boat, additional
skills on the basic training)
> Watersport guidance (including waterski / wakeboard)
> Night trips (extra exercises on light signals, navigation and instruments, …)
> Safety module (aimed at monitoring / guaranteeing the safety of
passengers, important for skippers who bring paying customers)