Need a a little oxygen for your team? Do you want to recharge the batteries?
We have devised some very refreshing ideas -> we are obviously no event agency, but know a lot of nice spots @sea, have plenty of power boats and a lot of experience.

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A Poker Run is not a race but a fun game with boats and maps.
At the start, all the boats enter the water and all participants receive a brief explanation. During the Poker Run a route of about 150 km full of dangers, during which the participants must obtain a sealed envelope containing a card at five stops .
It is intended that each team at the end of the ‘ride’ collected 5 cards by a search at sea and ashore. The cards are available at various locations, such as sea buoys, located in a beach club or in harbors …
At the end of the day the envelopes are opened and the team with the best cards wins the Poker Run!